We offer common sense impartial commercial business consultancy services to those involved in or with disputes.

Our clients include major companies in the construction, engineering infrastructure, property development sectors, professional and consultancy practices, and individuals.

Disputes come in a variety of forms ranging from traditional claims in contract and tort to the growing number of disputes in the field of regulation, compliance and matters associated with ethical behaviour and business practice.

Our experienced team is led by Charles Brown who has 35 years' experience as a solicitor in private practice, and all have extensive experience of dispute avoidance and resolution in corporate professional and governmental organisations.

• Dispute Avoidance
Assisting our clients in the avoidance of disputes is our primary objective. Disputes are time consuming, costly, often damage important relationships and can cause serious reputational damage to a business.

Regulation and compliance now effects all business sectors whether by force of law, professional or industry regulators, or a combination of all three, and the impact of such disputes is increasingly felt by the individual officers, managers and employees of a business in addition to the business entity itself.

To meet these challenges we offer common sense business consultancy services to assist our clients create and maintain internal procedures to meet regulatory and compliance obligations, encourage internal transparency to avoid disputes and when problems and issues arise, ensure that complaints and claims are dealt with speedily and with transparent fairness because, delay and the absence of a transparent process invariably causes further harm to a relationship and increases the likelihood of formal procedures and litigation and reduces the chance of conciliation and a more constructive and amicable early resolution.

When disputes cannot be avoided we provide impartial and independent advice about the available options and work with our client's legal and other advisors as circumstances require.

• Mediation
Mediation is one of the most valuable procedures in the ADR "toolkit" and our team have over 25 years' experience in helping those involved with disputes to and through the mediation process. We believe passionately that the often spectacular success of mediation is attributable as much to the support and encouragement provided to a disputant before the mediation day as the undoubted skills of the mediator on the day.

Mediation is a process that facilitates a solution to a dispute, it does not determine the rights and obligations of the disputants, and as such we appreciate a different approach and mind-set is required.